Thursday, January 04, 2007

NoT WoRkInG StRaTeGy

I haven’t exercised much lately…well ok ok, I haven’t worked out at all!! I’m in the “whocaresifeverythinginmybodygoesdown” mood.
As I told you some days before, here we eat too much during the Holidays; you can’t imagine how big my tummy has grown in a week!!!
Everybody here is on a diet now, but not me my friends!! I have a good strategy...I stay still so nothing in me moves, hold my breath to hide my belly when someone is close enough and release it when he leaves, aha!!!!!!!! Smart girl!!
So, today I went to the beach, I sat motionless in my chair and opened my book. So far so good.
Oh No!! Problems, big problems!!! My bookmarker flew away and I had to go after it because it was a gift from someone I love…There I was running in front of many people and thinking OH MY I look like jelly!!
I sat down again looking around and doing some math to estimate how many ppl have seen that horrifying show….the jelly woman :(
I continue reading and suddenly I heard a voice calling me from far away. It was someone I know together with 5 or 6 friends, Oh noooooo!!! I took a deep breath and I was ready to say hi. They stayed FOREVER and EVER, and I might be an expert on not breathing for a while but I’m not Houdini!!
And there they were talking and talking, and there I was SUFFOCATING!
When they finally left I was incredibly exhausted…..but I succeeded!
It was getting late and I prepared my things to go back home, and guess what??? A former student of mine appears from nowhere and says "TEACHERRRRRRRRRR HI!!" Too late, I didn’t have time to stay still or hold my breath!!! I guess there is one student who WON’T have the fantasy of seducing the teacher next semester LOL….maybe I should bribe him to be sure no one else knows…hummm or kill him…just kidding LOL, the bribe will do for now.
Now...there’s something I have to do…what was that? Oh yes, yes, find a good gym and buy some lettuce!!!

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Keshi said...

LOL u sound cool and alot like me!

**whocaresifeverythinginmybodygoesdown” mood.

Me too haha! Well anyways I wanna get back on track so I'll start walking again pretty soon. Those long walks help. Right now Im still in holiday mood :)


RUTH said...

This post made me laugh out loud but Analia no way are you jelly woman. I took that title long ago! I even have "Bat wings" (those fleshy bits that hang down under ones upper arms and flab about when you wave good bye to people) They suddenly appeared from NOWHERE on my 50th birthday! Some present eh!!!
With love and big smiles

Audrey said...

Lol Analia,

Breathe out NOW!!!!!! Dont be fooled....

Had a conversation with my two sons on this subject just before Christmas......they were quite clear in their views that women are not women unless they have flesh as well as bone.......Being boys they didnt quite put it quite like that but ............they see it as a sign that they are real and think what we call FLAB is more attractive than the stick insects portrayed as the ideal.......I breathed a sigh of relief too and let it all hang out...Just means there is more of us to love.........phew!!!!!

Go back to that beach and enjoy the fact that your all woman,your not wobbling like jelly woman...your shimmying and sashaying and vibrant........all of you.xx

Peaceful/Paisible said...

Audrey is quite right... met a little boy in a bus he was crying, couldn't sleep...didn't want to stay on his elegant and so slim mother's lap, I took him in my arms, he had a deep sigh, pushed his face in my breasts and went to sleep...
I had quite a laugh reading your posts..but realized though I say I don't care about my weight, I never went to the beach in front of my students...
but when I see your photo, I laugh, where do you put your kilos, baby jelly girl!!!you're so cute and slim!!!!thank you for your visit and nice words,
see you dear, and forgive me for not having visited you for long...
and a very very very happy new year...

Icarus said...

May I refer the honourable ladies to the remarks I made some moments ago.....

mystic rose said...


Happy New Year!!

Good luck with the workouts!

Analía said...

Keshi and mystic rose, welcome to my world!! Thank you very much for coming.

Mousie, you are forgiven girl. I really loved to see you here again, you are a MUST in my world too.

Auds, I'll follow your advice and Ruth....I do have my bat wings!!!! LOL

Mile...these too last post have been too girly I know but....WE LOVE YOU

Gina said...

LOL...I have to say that I loved your last post! Too funny and so true...for me that is! I've eaten many dinners over the past month and am now trying to go to the gym regularly!!! *I'm planning on going tonight after work!* And I'm being very good and trying to eat better.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Glad you enjoyed the prayer =)

P.S. Do you mind if I link to your blog?

RUTH said...

Just had a thought; I am SLIMMER than I was at 25!!!!!!.....I was heavily pregnant at the time..LOL

RUTH said...

Yippee Just come in as visitor 2000.

Keshi said...

Analia I did spot ur pretty face among the crowd in my blog :) ty for dropping by babez!


RUTH said...

Just dropped by to say Hi and to make sure you are ok